How to Make Anchor Charts To Be Proud Of!

 Anchor charts have been a part of my teaching for as long as I can remember.  Generally, I like to create the base, or background, of the anchor chart before class and fill it out WITH students during class.  

For example, if we were working on doing a retell, I would draw a 5 finger retail graphic organizer on anchor chart paper, then fill out the parts with students as we read a story.

However, my anchor charts always.... looked... off.  I tried free handing them, I tried complicated tracing methods.  I'm not much of a perfectionist and I understand not comparing myself to others, but when I looked around at other teacher's anchor charts, I was disappointed in mine. 

On top of being disappointed, I was spending SO much time creating them!

Finally, it occurred to me that I DID have a way of making GREAT anchor charts.  I could create them DIGITALLY!

Here is how I do it!

1. Using Power Point, I use clipart, shapes and text boxes to get the background part together. I always make sure I leave plenty of space to add to with students. 

2. Save your poster as a pdf. I also keep a Power Point copy in case I need to make changes!

3. Open the anchor chart in Adobe.

4. Print the poster! 

  • Choose Poster option in Page Sizing & Handling
  • Set Tile Scale to 200% (This creates a poster over 4 pages, which is my preference.  You may want to play with the sizes!)
  • Create an overlap (This makes taping the pages together easier. I like .10 inches, but you may want to play around with different sizes.)
  • Check the Cut marks box (This helps make trimming and overlapping neater.)

5. Trim, tape & hang!


  • look neater
  • reprint from year to year
  • time saving
  • easy
  • learning curve for lining up the images
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