How To Make Bulletin Board Letters

My Secret Bulletin Board Confession

I have to tell you a secret.  A deep, dark secret that will make most teacher souls clutch their pearls and gasp.

I hate bulletin boards.  For real.  Can NOT stand them.  They are a constant bane to my existence. 

At the same time, mine MUST be phenomenal! (Mostly because once it goes up it stays up all year because- I hate bulletin boards.🤣)

The one in the hall is the one I worry about.  EVERYBODY sees it.  So it has to be amazing.  

In the past, I have cut letters out on the Ellison machine or bought pre-punched letters.  They tended to stress me out.  

The pre-punched letters always had either too many or not enough.  And what am I supposed to do with all those other letters?  I don't need more junk in my closet!  

The Ellison machine works well enough, but the largest letters we have at school are 4 inches.  Sometimes, you just need something.... bigger.  Or cuter. #fontmatters

Making Bulletin Board Letters

The secret to my bulletin board happiness is making my own letters!  It is really quite easy.  I really love that I can make EXACTLY what I need without any waste.

In this example, I used KG Happy Solid.  I LOVE KG Fonts and have purchased several for my products.  One of the things that I love is that teachers are free to use them for their own personal use for free.  (Just make sure you respect her TOU and purchase a license if you want to create with it for commercial use!)

Here is a picture of my board from last year.  I think all the letters are KG Happy Solid, except for the 3.  It is KG Geronimo Blocks.  I printed most of the letters on red paper.  For the football letters, I used brown paper and then traced an outline on to white paper to back it and added the white stripes to make it look like a football.

Have you made your own letters? 

I would love to see pictures of how you used them!  Drop me a line below or send at email to!

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