5 Tips for Teachers: Taking Care of Your Feet

Over here at Primary on the Prowl, we are all about self-care.  One of the best ways I know to practice self-care is to take care of your feet!  Teachers- you are on your feet ALL day, and they deserve the best! 

Look- I get it... some people HATE feet.  They are kinda funny looking and they stink.  Your feet work hard though so they need a little love.

(Disclaimer- Just an FYI, these are affiliate links.  I may make money, from Amazon-not you, if you follow my link and make a purchase.  I cross my teacher-heart that I only recommend things I have used and love!)

#1- Wash, Dry, Moisturize
Really, I shouldn't have to say this.  Wash them.  With soap.  Dry them.  With a towel, not your bath mat.  Once your feet are clean and dry, add some lotion to keep them soft.  I love this Gold Bond lotion!

If you have trouble balancing on one foot or bending over, this mat will help keep your feet nice and clean!

#2- Alternate comfortable shoes
I'm guilty of not doing this!  Alternating the shoes you wear every day allows the shoes to dry out and can help avoid odor and infections.  If you LOVE your high heels, make sure you are wearing some flats in between to avoid damaging your foot and leg muscles.  Side note- I just learned that your feet have over 100,000 sweat glands... ummm, let those babies dry!

#3- Get a pedicure or massage
A pedicure is my guilty pleasure.  It's the one thing I do for myself that I do not apologize for or give up.  Not up for a pedi?  Get a massage!  

Before I started treating myself to a monthly pedicure, I gave my feet a DIY pedicure with a foot spa.

#4- Get to a doctor if you feel pain.
Bunions, hammertoes, blisters and heel spurs are painful.  If you feel pain for any reason, make a doctors appointment and get it checked out.  

#5-Wear Socks!
Besides being cute, socks have a purpose!  They wick sweat away from your feet, which keeps them dry.  They provide some shock absorbency and protect your feet.

I love fuzzy socks!  I like to sleep in these!

Remember, take care of your feet and they will take care of you!

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