5 Simple Self Care Practices for the First Day of School

Teaching is a job that I like to call a 'heart job'.  We do it with our hearts.  We invest our hearts so deeply and fully into our kids and our classrooms, that we forget to take care of ourselves.  Do you know what happens when people forget to take care of themselves?  Not only is it not pretty, we can't help others when we are running on empty.  These 5 simple steps for the first day of school will help you take care of yourself.

1- Arrive early.  There is something magical about the classroom in the early morning before the kids arrive.  Drink your coffee or eat your breakfast.  Savor the very last moments of peace and quiet.  Sit at your desk.  Gaze lovingly at all the beautiful displays and decorations you have worked so hard on...

2-  Wear your best shoes.  No, not those 🠝, the other ones.  Today is not the day to impress people with your fancy shoes.  Leave them at home.  Today you will be on your feet, dashing from one place to another.  Take care of your feet.  They will take care of you later.

3- Drink carefully.  Every year, I learn my bathroom schedule.  for example, I know that I can go to the bathroom at lunch, which was 11:30 last year.  That also meant I didn't drink any water before 9:30.  On the first day of school, you probably haven't figured out what your bathroom schedule will be like.  It's important to stay hydrated, but having floating eyeballs is not good self-care!

4- Pack a special treat for after school.  Make it your most favorite indulgence.   When all the children have made it home safely. Sit down, prop your feet up, take out your treat and enjoy!  You have made it!

5- Go HOME!  Tidy up the room, make sure you have everything needed for the second day of school and go home.  You will spend many extra hours at school through the year. You don't have to start today.  Go home- take a nap, watch a movie, eat some ice cream, 🍷... whatever relaxes you!

Teaching is hard!  It's important to refuel yourself.  I would love to hear your favorite self-care practice in the comments below!

Happy Teaching!

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