Friday, September 23

Five for Friday 9/23/16

Ahhhh Friday!  How I adore you!  Another Friday evening spent in bed, binge-watching TV shows to clear the DVR.  It doesn't really sound exciting- but I have no complaints!

Here's to Friday and another link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

Tonight's binge-watching series is Good Eats!  It's a pretty old show by Alton Brown where he explains the science behind recipes.  Each episode has a theme and right now I'm learning all about vinegar!
 Alton is one of my favorite chefs and I really enjoy watching.

I recently signed up for Kindle Unlimited and I LOVE that I can get Kindle books with Auldible Narration.  Obviously, it's not every book, but I have found a wide selection.  I'm listening to The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchinson right now and it's really intense.  I have the app on my phone and can download, pop in my ear phones and play.  I listen while I exercise.  It's a great motivator- especially now that I'm toward the end of the book.

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I'm participating in T-A-G Day tomorrow!
I'm putting all of my "All The Leaves are Falling" math centers on sale along with giving away one copy of the word problems activity.
You can find the 3rd-6th grade giveaway here!

Tomorrow is Everybody's Day in my little town.  Everybody's Day is the oldest festival in NC and was created to celebrate- well, everybody!  It began in 1908 and was created as a way to bring the people of Thomasville together.  I look forward to the event every year and I can't wait to go tomorrow.

That is all.

Leave me a note and say hi!  What are you reading? Watching?  Celebrating?


  1. Good Eats is one my favorite cooking shows! Sounds like a fabulous Friday night!

    1. It's so great to find another fan! I hope your Friday was fabulous as well!


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