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In July, Michelle from Big Time Literacy hosts are huge blogging challenge!  She has a topic planned for every day of the month.  I found the challenge in the middle of the month last year so I only joined a couple of times but I really enjoyed it.  I'm hoping to link up more often this year.

The first post takes the Currently format that we all know and love.  I'm saddened that Farley has decided to stop hosting this link up, but I completely understand.  All good things must come to an end...

I always enjoyed filling out the currently image so I made one of my own!  It's not nearly as good as the ones made for Farley's Currently, but I've put one at the bottom of the post if you want to grab it!

I'm listening to The Golden Girls while I blog away!  I love this show.  My friend Karen and I have a plan for our retirement that involves moving to the beach and living it up Golden Girls style!

Not setting an alarm!

I have some big vacay plans to finalize.  I'm heading to Florida in July for a family vacation/TpT conference.  I'm a little overwhelmed at the planning and prepping needed for both events to be happening at once.

Last summer, I went to Florida with a 5 day plan that turned into an epic adventure.  The original plan was drive down on Monday, LegoLand during the week and head home on Friday.  A tear in my gas line gave my 5 day plan a rather large and expensive extension- but we got to go to Disney so it was ok!

Groceries!  I detest going to the grocery store...

With this challenge, I'm hoping to get into a writing habit.  I would really like to grow my blog presence but struggle to get my thoughts into words that are readable.  I'm hoping that I'll be able to get in the habit and help the words start to flow from my brain to my fingers.

Here is the image I made if you want to use it. You can also head over to Big Time Literacy to see the rest of the posts or link up yourself!


  1. I love your little art work! Even though I have already done my post, I may have to go back and add this one! I love it! I hope you enjoy your summer vacation! I am super jealous you are getting to go to the TPT conference! One day.... One day... I can't wait to read more from you this month!


    1. Thank you! I am super excited about the tpt conference- it's thr first one I have been to!

  2. I love the Golden Girls!
    If you need some inspiration, I am reading Use Your Words right now and loving it. (It is part of Michelle's Challenge)

  3. Thank you for making that little image, super cute :-)
    I am also loving not setting the alarm, and sleeping in cool Chicago nights with the windows open, it's perfect!

    1. You're welcome! I wish I could have some cool noghts, but down in the south, all we get is less hot!

  4. Not setting an alarm is GLORIOUS. Best feeling ever!

    I'm excited and overwhelmed about the TPT conference too. I've never gone before and I struggle in social situations but, hey, gotta challenge yourself sometimes! I hope we get a lot out of it!

    Mrs. Garcia's Super Scholars!

    1. I have never been either! I'm a single mom and navigating managing child care and going cross country was more than I could manage!

      I'll be on the look out for you!

  5. I love, love, love your Currently graphic! I love the sleeping in part of summer!


Thank you so much! I look forward to reading what you have to say!

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