Currently January 2016

To fit with my vision of blogging more regularly, I'm linking up with Oh Boy, Fourth Grade for this month's Currently....  (Yes, I know I'm late...)

The Justice Network is playing all the time at my house- unless it's MineCraft.

I am LOVING my new hair cut.  I've recently lost 50 pounds and wanted something new.  I'm extremely happy with it!

The color doesn't show up very well in this picture but it's auburn and about 8 inches shorter than it was.  It was such a spur of the moment decision!

Right now, it's Sunday evening.  My son is peacefully building with Lego bricks and all is calm.

I want one more day.  Just one.  I miss my kids... I just don't want to set the alarm!

One Little Word- Motivated.  I feel really motivated for 2016.  I spent chunks of time creating, planning and preparing.  2016- here I come!


  1. Thinking ahhhhh ! haha I agree, I am excited to go back to school but I don't want to set my alarm yet! Motivated is definitely one of the words every teacher should hear! Good luck tomorrow! :)

    Magically in First

  2. I agree, I am so not ready to start setting my alarm again. Good luck tomorrow!!

  3. Your hair cut looks fabulous! Happy New Year :)


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