2016 Vision Board

Heeeeelllllllloooooooooo 2016!  I have BIG plans for you!

This year, I am embracing the Vision Board to help me make them happen.  I toyed around with creating multiple Vision Boards- one personal/family, one for teaching and one for TpT--- but really, there's no way I could keep up with that.

Instead, I'm blending them together and creating ONE vision board that I will update as things change.  Since I'm a digital person, I'm creating my Vision Board on PowerPoint and Pinterest.  I have created my Vision Board and saved it as an image.  As I reach goals and add new ones, I will alter the images as needed.  I will be pinning articles and images related to my goals and vision on Pinterest.  You can follow me on Pinterest to see what I'm pinning

Throughout the year, I'll be blogging about my vision for 2016 and where I am in my journey.

I'm going to start by talking about 1 of my visions-Friday Fun Days!  Something I have finally realized about myself is that I'm a bit of a workaholic.  I can't help it!  I like having my brain engaged, creating, meeting goals and being successful.  However, my sweet baby boy is growing up fast and he deserves to have a mama who is as engaged in him as she is in work.  The first part of my vision is Friday Fun Days!  Fridays will be all about him after school.  I won't grade papers.  I won't create new topics.  I won't blog!  We will play games, watch movies, build Lego creations and bake cookies-- but I won't work!

I would love to see your vision board, goals or resolutions for the year!

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