Friday, March 27

Five for Friday 3/27/15

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Flu season isn't over!  How do I know?

I've been home all week with the flu!

I hadn't been at work 20 minutes when my sons teacher said he had a fever.  Home we went.  The next day, I was achy and feverish too.  A trip to the doctor confirmed my fears.  Flu season wasn't over!  This week, I have been exceptionally thankful for sick days, good health insurance, a prescription benefits plan and a medical spending account.  I can not imagine what people go through without those resources.

I'm finally returning to work today.  I've missed my kids!

Being at home for an extra week gave me some extra TpT time!  (When I wasn't sleeping!)

I went back in time to rework some of my original products.  
Take a look!


Click on the pictures to check them out!

Spring Break is so close I can taste it!  I'm so glad we didn't lose any of our break to the nasty weather we had this year!

This is Anakin watching it snow.  The flakes were so large you could see them way up in the sky and track them coming down!

A couple weeks ago, my sons Cub Scout group had a lock in at the church where we meet.  It was so much fun.  

This was a game the boys played.  They had to eat a doughnut off the ribbon without using their hands and without it dropping!

Of course, we have mad doughnut eating skills at my house so my son won!

I found this picture earlier this week and just loved it!

So go throw on your crown and let them know!

Have a Happy Weekend!

I almost forgot!

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  1. Ok…donut eating on a ribbon is genius. LOL. That is some cheap entertainment. Pretty sure I am going to incorporate this somehow to our next school party! My kids would go nuts!!!

    Mindy at:
    Thomas' Teachable Moments


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