Product Swap- Understanding Air and Weather!

It's time for another product swap with Jungle Learners!

This swap arrangement was a little different as there are 3 people in my group.  I got to chose a product from Teaching Ideas For Those Who Love Teaching!

Michelle is an up and coming seller who is rapidly building her store.  Her products look amazing and it was really hard to pick just one!

I did choose her Understanding Air and Water resource because weather is one of the topics that we cycle through on a regular basis.

One of the things I really like about this resource is that it has so many options.  It isn't just a one type of resource product.  There are 8 reading passages on weather, wind, temperature, and clouds.  There are trees to color and label for each season.  There is also a project integrating writing and art.  Students design a picture about an image and then write a story using the picture as the setting.

Please excuse the messiness!  I let him write with a pen so it would show up, but it wasn't the best idea I have ever had!  :)

The reading passages were engaging and had a variety of questions that accompanied them to check for comprehension.

Now, are you ready for the best news?

I'm GIVING one of these great products away!

Don't forget to head over to Teacher Times Two to enter to win my Writing Prompt Cards!


  1. I enjoyed your blog post, and being one of your product buddies for this blog hop! Your store is AMAZING, and I'm so happy that I got to work with you.

  2. Thanks for joining in the swap Crystal! What a fun product!

    Jungle Learners


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