Ourselves- S.G. Redling

Not too long ago, I was introduced to a new author.  

S.G Redling is her name, and variety is her game! 

 My friend Karen grew up with her.  When Karen found out that her friend had published a book, she read it right away.  As usual, she handed the book off to me and I devoured it!  The book was Flowertown.  Flowertown is my favorite book of hers, but Ourselves is coming in a very close 2nd!  My favorite thing about Ms. Redling is that she writes across multiple genres. 

I want to be very upfront before I write about Ourselves.  I was given an Advanced Readers Copy of the book.  I won it in a contest.  I wasn't asked to do a review, but I just can't help it!  When Ms. Redling sent the book, she warned me that it was different and implored me to read gently.

Ms. Redling had nothing to fear!  I LOVED Ourselves!  

Ourselves is about a group of people called the Nahan.  The Nahan are an ancient race that weaves in and out of our world.  They manage to exist within AND above our civilization at the same time.  

The story centers around Stell, a girl who grows up in a cultish Nahan group, and Tomas.  Tomas has grown up within the normal Nahan society but isn't quite normal.  His friend, Aricelli, describes him as daffy.  Tomas chooses, or is chosen, for a difficult life path. 

 Stell was raised in a much different environment.  She knows little of her own culture.  With Tomas, she transforms from sheltered naivety to confident professional. 

Ourselves is a slightly heartbreaking tale of secrets, love, commitment, duty and destiny.  The question remains, will Tomas and Stell be able to navigate their destined paths without losing each other?

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