Happy New Year! A New Year, A New You Link Up!

Resolutions?  Challenges?  Goals?

No matter what you call them, many people use the starting of a new year as a chance to take stock of their life and work on things that need improving.  

In the past, I have made mixes of personal and professional goals.  Sometimes just one.  
Sometimes several.  
Some of them make it.  
Some of them don't.

My goals have revolved around several themes- lose weight, get organized, be healthy, read more, drink more water, be a better mom, get my finances in order, etc, etc, etc,

This year, I've decided to have a theme. My theme for this year is going to be organize!  By having a theme, I am going to be working on several different areas of my life.  I can organize my home, my classroom, my finances, my health, my business, etc.

I'm also going to host a monthly linky for you to share your resolutions, goals or challenges!

If you link up, please include a link back to this blog post.

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