Currently January 2015

I am linking up with Farley for January's Currently today!  I know I'm a couple days late... but better late than never!

Listening... and LOVING... Bon Jovi sing Hallelujah.  Oh my.  It scrolled across my fb feed last night and I've listened to it over.  And over.  And over.  Have you heard it?


Thinking... I need to put the Christmas decorations away.  I love to decorate, but I'm a terrible un-decorator.  

Wanting... to lay on the couch and read my new book.  I got an Advanced Readers Copy from one of my favorite authors.  I'm hoping she will let me do an interview with her for my blog. finish working on my son's room while he is at his dad's house.  He is responsible for picking his toys up BUT about twice a year, I go in and clean out.  He is a collector.  He picks everything up and wants to keep it.  When I go in and clean out, it's easier for him to keep his toys picked up and it saves a tiny bit of my sanity.  

YES! I will work on organizing.  I'm a disorganized, hot mess.  I know it.  I embrace it.  I recognize it as one of my challenges.  In the past, I've made goals/resolutions to BE organized. Obviously, it's never worked.  This year, I've picked a theme- organize.  I wrote a blog post about it, if you'd like, you can read it here. It's a linky party, so if you'd like to add your blog post about the new year, please do!

Maybe, I'll go on some dates.  Dating is hard.  I'm 35 and a single mom.  I'm busy.  Most importantly, I'm not impressed with my pickings.  I would like to meet someone, but I refuse to settle with someone who doesn't make me happy.

I wish... I could open a bakery.  I would have a little bakery with cookies and doughnuts and other treats.  Plus fresh baked bread.  There is a little restaurant where I grew up called Big Loafer.  It sells these sandwich things with the ingredients baked in the bread.  YUM!  I have some ideas for new ingredients to put in.

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