Friday, November 28

Five for Friday- Thanksgiving 2014

Big thanks to Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five for Friday linky!  I don't always have anything to say on Fridays, but I enjoy doing them when I can.  After this Friday, she's taking a break.  Five for Friday will come back in January!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!  Mine ended well but started rocky :( I had to delay my travel plans in order to get my car fixed.  A working heater is necessary when traveling in winter!

Do you shop on Black Friday?  I do!  I'm not insane about it... I show up around 7:00 AM and the crowd is pretty much gone until the afternoon.  Usually I take a lot of pictures of possible presents and buy myself stuff (somebody has to shop for me!).  This year, I got TONS of shopping down.

Black Friday shopping is a tradition in my family.  Thirty-some years ago when I was a little one, my mom and grandmother started going Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving.  Flash forward a few years and my grandmother, mom and sister all go.  

I am so excited about my son's big present!  I ordered Dash & Dot this summer through the Kickstarter campaign and am anxiously awaiting their arrival!

Place value!  Uggg!  I can not believe how much my student's are struggling with it :(

I have made a couple of games to help practice (click on the picture to see them) but I'm still looking for more ideas!  What do you do to help your student's master place value?

Guess what starts December 1!

I wrote a song about!

What to hear it?

Here it goes!

Happy Shopping!

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