Friday, October 3

Five for Friday- October 3

I love

Usually, by the time I get to Friday though, I've forgotten all the things I planned on adding.  I know I should work on the post through the week to avoid that but I forget to do that too!

I'm super excited this week though!

I have organized my first Facebook Hop!  I had the idea last year, but it didn't pan out.  It's a Holiday Hop and is actually a series of 3 hops to help everyone get through the Fall holiday stretch of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  The Halloween/Fall Hop started today!

The Hop will last through Sunday night.  This has been a huge learning experience for me but it's been so much fun!

If you would like to Hop through the Holidays you can start them here:

I am loving teaching 2nd Grade!  They are so grown up in many ways but they are also kinda like over-sized Kindergartners in other ways!  My favorite thing so far is how independent they are! 

One of the problems our grade level is having, is that students aren't answering questions in complete sentences.  We have really been focusing on it this year- to the point that they are catching me NOT speaking in complete sentences!  Utilizing the classroom economy has really helped.  When students remember to use a complete sentence, I pay them a little money.  Likewise, if someone doesn't use a complete sentence and they catch each other, they get money.  Now they have turned on me!!!

We are studying states of matter this week!  Check out this video!

After watching this, we practiced acting like the different states of matter.  Next week, I need to remember to tell them about the 4th state of matter-plasma!

It's the Friday after Pay Day- which means it was pedicure day!  If I ever strike it rich I'm hiring someone to do my toes every evening.  I make a lot of sacrifices as a single mom and teacher, but that is one I refuse to give up!

Don't forget to head over to the Holiday Hop!

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