September Currently

It's that time again... a new month means a new Currently link up!

Listening- Kitten Purrs!  Such a sweet sound!  From the day I brought my sweet kitty Anakin (Skywalker) home, he has loved to cuddle with me in my recliner when I'm on the computer.  As soon as I sit down, up he comes, purring gently while he falls asleep.

Loving- this 3 day weekend!  It's the perfect end to the first week of school!

Thinking- Pool Day!  The last one of the season.

Wanting- A Dobby of my own.  I would be good to him. I would give him clothes and free him and pay him a good wage and keep realistic working expectations.  I just need some help.

Needing- to grade papers!  I'm blown away by the differences between Kindergarten and Second grade.  A big one is the paper grading!  Oh Mylanta!  I feel like I walk around with a stack of things to grade.

3 Trips- Beach, LegoLand, WV.  I love the beach.  It fills my soul with peace to sit and just BE.  I'm from WV and my whole family is there.  I usually spend a lot of time in WV during the summer- but we just didn't this year.  I need to go visit. 

The big trip?  LegoLand!  My son wants to go SO bad.  I tried to get a trip together this summer, but it was just too much.  So I'm saving all my TpT earnings to take him next summer.  They are opening a LegoLand Hotel in 2015 and it's around $250.00 a night... eep!  People start shopping!!!

What are you CURRENTLY up to?

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