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I am so excited to have organized my first blog hop!  It's a small hop, but you are going to find a lot of information about teaching procedures.  At the bottom of my page is an arrow that will take you to the next fabulous blog!

Since I'm moving from K to 2nd, I'm concentrating this post on procedures that will be different this year.

I'm going to introduce class jobs right away so they quickly become a part of our day.  I have decided to use 9 jobs this year.  They are receptionist, concierge, supply manager, media specials, courier, assistant, line patrol, cleanliness patrol, and banker. Here is what I'm using in my room.

My plan is that for the month of September, I will assign jobs and rotate daily.  Students will be paid daily for their jobs.  Around the 3rd week of September, students will have to fill out a job application for the month of October.  Students will apply for jobs monthly.  I'm still fluid on this detail, but I think students will be required to apply for at least one job a month and be allowed to apply for up to 3 jobs a month.

Last year, I got so tired of being interrupted all.the.time.  This year, I'm going to start using some nonverbal communication.  This is the poster I'm going to use.  

You can click on the poster to find it FOR FREE in my TpT store!

What to do with work?

I struggled with this last year.  When they finish, it's easy!  They turn it in.  I'll show them the box to do that.

The struggle is what to do with work they don't finish.  Last year, my TA took it and would call them over to finish later in the day or the next day.  I won't have a TA this year!

I don't want students putting the work on the inside of their desks, because it can get lost and forgotten about so easily.  However, if it's on the OUTSIDE of their desk, I'll be able to see it and they won't lose it (hopefully).

I made clothespins with magnets on the back.  I used red washi tape to decorate the front.  Each student will have one stuck to the outside of their desk.  When they have work that isn't finished, they can clip it to their desk.  At the end of the day, I'll be able to see who has work to finish and who got everything done.

I tested one out on my refrigerator to make sure they would hold.  That one held up about 15 sheets of paper without falling!

That's all I have, but you really need to go check out my friend Mandee at Mrs. Ashline's Class to see what she says about procedures!

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