Monday Made It! August 11th

In the background of my head, I can hear the Jaws theme song starting to play.  It's soft and slow right now- Dunh Duh....... Duhn Duh.... but everyday, it gets a little bit faster and a little bit louder.  Before I know it- School will be back in session!


The good news is, I've gotten a little more focused on getting ready for school to start!

I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for another, hopefully not last, Monday Made It.

The first thing up this week are my Remind cards!  I LOVED using Remind 101 last year.  They have done a little updating- changing their name to Remind so I've updated my Remind cards too!

The *best* thing about these cards is that I got to collaborate with Kristen at Schroeder's Stars again!  

The *second best thing* about them- is they are free for you!

After I laminated them, I used a corner rounder to give them a nice finish.

I'm one of those'get an idea, get excited, execute idea without even checking to see if it makes sense' kind of people.  Last year I made super cute pencils with stickers attached to give kids on their birthday. I also made a 'container' by covering a Styrofoam cup in leopard print masking tape.  It was so cute- laying on the floor because it ALWAYS fell over...

So this year I decided to use a left over pretzel container. I got all excited about making the label and using my new laminater...

That I didn't even check to see if it worked.  So of course it didn't!

Fortunately, I was able to trim enough off to make it work.

Boy, did I learn my...   Oh who am I kidding- lather, rinse, repeat- I'll do continue doing projects the same way :)

So, I have a container to put their Bday presents in, but I haven't decided what to make for them!  My kids loved the animal print pencils last year so maybe I'll do those again.

Ok, so I haven't actually made them, but on Meet the Teacher night I'm giving each student a plastic safari hat from Oriental Trading and bag of animal crackers!  I will wait til closer to school starting to do that.  I'm going to put a sticker on the bag that says Welcome to the Second Grade Jungle.

I'm also still working on Daily 5 signs and a where are we chart.

I need your help too!  Last year, I saw something go across my pinterest feed several times, but now I can't find it and I don't know what to search for.  It was way to remind kids about what they were able to do.  For example if you needed students silent, you turned over the silent card.  If they could work on the floor, you turned over the floor card and so on and so forth.  Does anyone know where I can find it? I would love to do that this year!

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