Currently August- NOOOOOO

Ok, I'm not adjusting to August well.  
That's why I'm a little late linking up with Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade!

I don't have cable but use Netflix, Amazon and the internet for our entertainment.  My son's newest obsession is a Pac-Man cartoon.  Which he watches over.  And over.  And over. And grapes are now power berries.

Loving Sleep!  I think my body gears up in August for all the sleep I don't get in September.  I've been going to bed early and sleeping late!  I love every minute of it!

Thinking I don't want to to go back to work!  And needing August to slow down!

However, I really want to get in my classroom.  I'm moving grades next year AND moving classrooms.  My new room was going to be painted so I just had to pile my stuff in the middle of the floor.  Hopefully, I can get in Monday and start going through everything and putting it away.

I don't really want to go back to WORK, but I love putting my room together.  I love the anticipation of starting a new year!  

WORK?  It can wait.

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