Friday, July 4

MaTH Thursday, Five for Friday and Freebie Friday all rolled into one!

I'm rolling three link ups into one blog post!  I'm doing MaTH Thursday, Five for Friday and Freebie Friday!  So let's get started!

This is my first time linking up with Lucy at Kids Math Teacher for a math activity.  This month she is featuring Kindergarten and I had the perfect activity in mind!

My kids LOVED playing this game last year! It is really simple.  Students put a predetermined (by you) number of counters in a cup.  They give them a quick shake and a spill to dump out the counters.  Then students sort by color and fill in the recording sheet.  When I first introduced this game, students started with 5 counters in their cup.  Then we worked up to 10.  Then we went from just coloring the circles to writing an addition sentence to show the combination.  We never got to it, but you could have students write a subtraction sentence as well.

So here's the freebie for Friday Freebie!  It's the recording sheet we used when building to groups of 5 and to groups of 10!  My two sided counters are red and yellow, so students used those color crayons to color in the circles.  Click on the picture to download it!  The download has 2 pages.  The first has 5 circles to use with combinations to 5.  The second one has 10 circles to use with combinations to 10. I also left space between each set so you or the students could write underneath.  

Sooo... TpT is having it's first seller's conference in Las Vegas.  I'm really bummed that I don't get to go!  Hopefully I'll be able to work it out for next year!

Stephanie at Learning Chambers is hosting a Move It, Move It week while she is in the process of moving!  I'll be guest blogging for her tomorrow, July 5, 2014 so head over and check out all the great tips for moving classrooms, grades and schools!

I am on the look out for 2nd grade teachers, bloggers and facebookers!  If you have a favorite, leave me a link in the comments.  I'm moving from Kindergarten to 2nd grade next year and looking for all the help I can get!

As a bonus- I'm putting my TpT store on sale for the weekend!

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