Big Announcement!

I'm changing my name!  OK, not my real name... just my 'brand' name!

I taught Kindergarten for a long time.  I named myself The KinderGarden because I always admired the work that Friedrich Froebel did in his creation of Kindergarten which was, literally, a "children's garden".  I STILL admire the work he did, which is why I considered leaving myself as TheKinderGarden.  

I've struggled all summer with it though.  It just doesn't feel 'right' now that I'm moving to 2nd grade.  I felt like I needed something that was more encompassing so I asked my facebook fans for ideas of new names.  I asked back in May.  One of the names- Primary on the Prowl- has sat at the back of my mind.  Festered, you could say.  It won't go away.  

So I'm embracing it.  I love the way in encompasses all of the primary grades.  I love how the word 'prowl' makes me picture myself slinking all things education, looking for the best.  Plus, I LOVE animal print!  I can't wait to redesign my blog (ok, seriously, I'm going to pay someone to redesign my blog) with an animal print theme!  However, IF I ever get tired of it, I can switch to a different theme and still be 'prowling through primary'.  

I have some new things I'm embarking on so I wanted to do the name change before then.  Today, I'm going to be designing a business card to send with Michele Luck for a couple conferences in the fall.  I also wanted to get everything switched over before school starts. 

If you have ever switched your brand, I would love to hear how it went!  Also, if anyone has done a conference with Michele I would love to hear how it went for you!

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