Back to School Product Swap!

Back to School is almost here!  Well, for some of you it already is.  August 1st starts a really hectic, crazy time for me- so I wanted to start it off big!

I joined up with Cara from Creative Playground to participate in a product swap.  I was matched with A Teachable Teacher and we exchanged products to review.  I chose her Interactive Notebook Paragraph Builder!

The reason I got really excited about this product is that it is transferable!  You teach them how to do it once.  Then it becomes something that can be assigned regularly.  I will probably use it mainly is science and/or social studies.

To complete the activity, you first cut, fold and glue to a piece of paper.  I had to bribe encourage my son to help me out with this product because he HATES writing.  So I did the cutting, folding and gluing but it's completely possible for a child to do it themselves after they have been taught.  One thing I want to point out- make sure you cut and fold everything before gluing.  I missed a couple of snips and it was harder to do once it had been glued down.

Students pick a topic and write it on the top of the flap.  Under the flap, student's write the topic sentence.  You do the same thing with the detail and explanations tab.  When it's all said and done, students will have complete sentences that easily turn into a paragraph!

Lauren put so much thought into this product!  She has very detailed directions on how to set the page up, including pictures!  She also has pictures of a sample so you can see it in action.  There are 2 sizes available.  One is for a regular notebook or filler paper and the other is sized for a composition book.

Here is the one my son made.  I feel like I need to apologize for it because he really does not like to write.  It's sloppy, but he did it.  I also need to point out that he did it without complaint AND he did it all in one sitting.  That alone tells me that it's a really great product!

I know you can't read it, but he wrote about dragons.  

You can find Lauren at A Teachable Teacher!  Find her store here.  Click on the button to find her blog!

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