Monday Made It- Making Words

Woot Woot! I'm finally settling into summer and ready to link up with some other bloggers!  Today, I'm hooking up with Tara of 4th Grade Folics for #mondaymadeit!

I've been thinking a LOT about my move to 2nd grade.  I'm excited- but I know I'm completely unprepared.

It seems like the hottest thing floating around Pinterest is making word makers out of pool noodles.  I LOVE the idea, but the specific ideas were geared toward younger children.  While I was glancing over the 2nd Grade Common Core standards, I noticed that 2nd graders would be working on vowel pairs.  So I decided to combine the pool noodles with vowel pairs to do making words activities.

I started with 3 pool noodles, a measuring tape and blade.  I got the pool noodles at The Dollar Tree for a dollar each.  The measuring tape and blade I already had.  I also printed out letters and cut them up.  I couldn't find my scissors for the picture though.

Each noodle measured 47 inches- which is the exact length needed to NOT be able to divide them easily and evenly!

I ended up cutting them around 12 inches.  I was afraid they would end up all wonky-like, but they turned out pretty even.
Then I cut each section in half and cut slits in the top of each.  My blade was a really good length- I cut almost all the way through the top of the noodle.  It left a little, tiny bit uncut- which made a great ledge for the cards to sit on.

After printing the letter cards, I assembled my letter holders for making words.

After putting them together, I realized they would work better if the letter cards were a tad smaller.  So I resized them.

And I'm GIVING them to you!

Click on the picture below to download!

I hope you enjoy the letter cards!

Now I have a problem!  I don't know what I'm going to do with all these things I'm making this summer?  I had a hard enough time keeping my kitten out of them while I was making them!

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