Saturday, January 25

Five for Friday: Addition Edition!

Today I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching's Five for Friday linky party!

We have been working hard on addition this past week.  Here are some of the things we have done!

1. Spilling Cups
I'm not sure how this game got this name- but it fits!  I introduced it with a different name, but Spilling Cups is what the kids call it!

Students get 10 double-sided counters (one color on one side, one color on the other), a cup and a recording sheet.  I also gave each set of partners a small foam circle so the counters weren't so noisy!

To play the game, students put the counters in a cup, shake gently and spill onto the foam mat.  Then they sort and organize the counters by color.  On the recording sheet, they color circles to show how many were red and how many were yellow.  Under the circles, they wrote an addition sentence to show the number of red and yellow. 

2.  Part-Part Whole Mats
My students this year have been working with Part-Part-Whole mats.  

 3.  Addition Math Center

OK, we haven't actually done this one yet, but we will be doing a Valentine's Day Addition center in a couple weeks and I'm really excited about it.  You can find it at my TPT store here.

4.  Addition Books
Next week, we will also be making an addition book.  It's a freebie from TPT!  You can find it at Teaching In a Small Town's store.

5.  Wednesday Word Problems
One of my colleagues does a Wednesday Word Problem everyday and I thought it was such a great idea!  So I made 4 problems for February.

Click on the image for a free download!

What fun activities do you have for teaching addition?

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