Friday, December 6

Five for Friday

Woah!  What a LONG week.  Only 10 more early morning wake-ups til Christmas Break!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for the Five for Friday!

I had THE.BEST.FEELING this week!  I have a little boy with autism in my room this year and we reduced his EC Resource room time.  When they met to do his IEP last year in Pre-K, he had not been placed in my classroom yet so I wasn't involved in the meeting.  According to his mom, they had a hard time deciding what the best situation for him would be.  They ended up giving him 45 minutes 5 times a week.  This week we reduced his time to 45 minutes 1 time a week!  And really, the only reason we had to keep him in was so he would continue to qualify for OT, which he does need.  He also receives speech services.  As exciting as that was, the best part came when his mom told everyone in the meeting, including the AP, that she knows the reason he's doing so well is the relationship I have built with him!  She said that even though he never says that he loves me, she can see it in the way he talks about me and that she knows he feels safe in my room!  

Last year, I about drove myself crazy with an Elf at home and an Elf at school for the WHOLE month of December.  This year, I decided not to start so soon.  After school today, I set up our classroom elf.  

Here he is in the Book Nook reading to the stuffed animals!  I can't wait to see the kids faces.

I'm so tired of testing... I feel like that's all I do!  And we were just informed that we are being given another assessment to start next week...gah.

I am going to my first Ugly Christmas Sweater party tomorrow!  I'm super excited even though I haven't found an ugly sweater yet.

This weekend is the FB Frenzy!  I'm taking part in the Kindergarten Math/Science frenzy.  You can head to my FB page by clicking here.  

What's a Facebook Frenzy you ask?  It's a set of people who have created freebies for their followers.  You have to be a follower or 'fan' of someone's page to get access to it but when you access the freebie you also get linked to ANOTHER freebie!  If you click on the image below you should/might be able to download a clickable map so you can go through any of the frenzies you want.  Do it now though, time is up on Monday!

Someone let me know if it works please!

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