Monday Made It!

I am soooo excited about today's Monday Made It!

I did some collaboration with Kristen at Schroeder's Stars and she designed these FAB.U.LOUS zebra print letters as a result.  I love them because they fit my jungle/animal print theme AND red is my favorite color!  

As soon as I saw them, I knew exactly where I would put them (first)!  
Those baskets are full of leveled readers.  I just put them in the purple baskets because the old ones were looking a bit ratty.  On the old baskets, I had taped pieces of construction paper to show the level.  For these, I wanted something better.

Doesn't this look better?

I took the letters Kristen had made and put them inside a simple frame.  Then I cut around the frame.  I put the labels on red, yellow, green and blue card stock.

I teach Kindergarten so I have 4 baskets of ER books, 4 baskets of A books, 2 baskets of B books and 2 baskets of C books.  I also have 2 baskets of D books, but I haven't made those labels yet.

I'm going to attach them to the front of the basket like this:

(I just did that one as a test.  I'm getting them laminated later today.  I'll add a picture of them all in a row when I'm done.

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