Friday, August 30

Five for Friday... a week later...

Okay, when I say I've been writing this blog post for over a week- I'm not exaggerating.  I started this blog last Thursday, as in 8 days ago.  I've just been TOO tired to even look at it for longer than 5 minutes all week.  Can you tell it's Back to School season?

This week, I'm sharing my favorite 5 things about my classroom.... and my 1 least favorite!

1.  This is my new and improved Book Nook!  I got white baskets and weaved animal print ribbon around the top.  I made all new labels for each category.  Each book has a sticker that matches the sticker on the label to help keep the Book Nook organized.  I've also scanned all the books into an app so I can keep track of the books I have.  I haven't scanned them all yet, but I've scanned almost 1000 books!

2.  Monkey-paper-holders!  A friend of mine got me these monkey cutouts.  I hot glued thumb tacks to the back to hang on the cork strips in the hallway.  I covered the front of clothespins in green washi tape and hot glued them to the back of the monkeys as well.  They are so cute.  This week, I put up the tissue paper names we made on the first day of school.  I was worried they wouldn't hold very well, but they are doing a great job!

3.  Zebra print spots.  I found zebra print contact paper at Walmart and decided to make spots on the floor to help students know where to line up.  It works really well.  When it's time to line up, everyone stands on a spot and it's an inta-line!

4. My new behavior clip chart.  Students start in the middle at "Ready to Start Our Kindergarten Adventure!"  Students can move up to "Swinging through the trees with the best." and "Enjoying the view from the top."  Students can move down to "Time to start climbing up!" and "Oh No!  We've hit the ground!"  Today, I glued pictures of their heads to the clothespins.

5.  Leveled book baskets.  Last year my leveled books were in tubs that didn't quite fit on top of the lockets.  They weren't as tall either so some of the books were flopping over and it looked really messy.  This year I found some tubs that fit perfectly, but the color didn't match my theme at all!  I used pieces of scrapbook card stock and zebra print letters from Schroeder's Stars.  They look SO much better!

Least favorite- new fire codes are super strict!  No fabric, no paper around/on the door, no more than 20% of the wall covered in paper, no fake plants, no vinyl... the list goes on!  So with all that- I had to scrap about half the plans for my Jungle Safari theme.  It makes me so sad/mad... especially when I see pictures of other classrooms in NC- who have the same fire codes- have fabric, plants, things hanging from the ceiling!  All the stuff I'm not allowed to have!  :(

That's all my favorites!  What is your favorite thing in your room?

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