Tuesday, July 2

Blog Huntin'

Are you missing Google Reader?  OK, honestly, I'm not.  I didn't use it!  I would just click on the blogs as they showed up on my blogger dashboard.  However, since Google Reader was going bye-bye, I signed up for Bloglovin.  It was super simple to set up.  I could even claim MY blog by inserting a simple code (from Blog Lovin').

If you are already following me on Google, I'd like to encourage you to follow on Blog Lovin.  You will get an email every evening which lists the all the new blog posts that have been posted that day!  What a great way to save time!

To follow me on Blog Lovin' just click on the blog lovin button on the right side of the page!  I'm starting a new (semi) regular feature called 'Win It Wednesday'.  On Wednesdays, you will have the opportunity to register to win a new product (even hard goods!)
Click on the bear above to find a ton of other teacher blogs!  

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