Beginning of the Year Tip

Even after 10 years of teaching, this is an area I have to keep reminding myself of.  I know how important practice is... but I get bored with it.  However, as I Kindergarten teacher, this is one of the most vital parts of our first 6 weeks of school.  Making sure things are practice correctly can set the tone for the whole year.

Here are some of the things we practice- several times a day

*Taking out and putting up supplies- notebooks, pencils, crayons, books, etc
*Moving from their tables to their spot on the carpet
*Moving from the carpet to their tables
*Lining up
*Getting unpacked in the morning
*Getting packed in the afternoon
*Going through the lunnh line
*Gathering and putting away class materials
*Walking in the hallway

One of my favorite ways to practice walking in the hallway is by taking a school tour.  Last year (and this year if I can find it) I did a school tour that featured that crazy, cool cat that kids everywhere know and love!  First we read the book Pete the Cat Rocking in my School Shoes.  As I finish the book, I let a note slip out of the end of the book from Pete that says he is walking around the school and he wants us to find him!  He gives us clues as to which room he's in and we go look for him.  When we get there, we discover he has moved on.  When we eventually get back to the room, Pete has left everyone a page to color and a small treat.  We visit the lunchroom, music room, gym, office... everywhere we may need to go.  The kids love it and it makes practicing in the hallway more fun.

Another thing we do at my school that makes it easy to teach and practice some basic routines is staggered start days.  Not all of our students come the first day.  We actually spend the first day conferencing with parents.  On day 2, half of the class comes.  On day 3, the other half of the class comes.  On day 4, the whole class comes.  I love staggered start.  It so much easier to monitor and practice with 10 kids than 20!

What thing do you practice at the beginning of the year? 

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