Sunday, June 2

5 Things I Wish I Knew before Running a Giveaway

1. Set a cut off number. I posted my request for donations once on the TpT forum and only got a couple of donations. I was really disappointed. I wanted something huge!  So I emailed a few people that I had donated products to and listed my giveaway on the forums again.Then I got busy and sort of forgot to check it for a couple of days... YIKES!  I ended up with so many donations I felt like I had to break it into 2 different giveaways.  Keep your first giveaway small so it doesn't get overwhelming.

2.  Think about what you want to know.  I asked for the product link and a couple of places that could be used as entry points.  I *SHOULD* have asked for the grade level the product could be used for.  I could have broken up my products by grade level, but after clicking on 20 links to research it, I realized I should have just asked.

3.  Ask for a .jpg or .png of the cover of their donated product. I didn't ask at the beginning.  When I finally did ask, I didn't get many responses and ended up spending a couple hours going to each product, taking screen shots, and cropping the photos.  Use those images to create a collection of images to  That was time I could have spent promoting my giveaway.

4.  Promote, promote, promote.  Use those product images you asked for to create a button or image people can use.  If you don't know how to do that, go here.  Give that button to the people who donated and ask them to promote on all their sites.  Pin, pin, pin.  Pin your giveaway to different collaborative boards.  Also, visit Teaching Blog Addict to add your giveaway to their giveaway linky.

5.  Consider paying for the giveaway service.  I used rafflecopter.  I know there are several others, BUT I already had donations and rafflecopter had the shortest learning curve for me. (Bonus tip- set up the giveaway BEFORE asking for donations)  However, a lot of people wanted to be followed on pinterest, and pinterest is part of the paid service.  Also, adding an image (the same one I used my for my button) is part of a paid service, but looked so much better once I added it.  I'm considering keeping the monthly payment and doing regular giveaways, but you can always cancel after it has served its purpose.  

There you have it- five simple tips for your first giveaway.  Do you have any other tips to offer?  Have you hosted a giveaway?  How did it go?

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