Numbers in the Teens

I don't know about you, but I am ready to start a petition to just eliminate numbers in the teens ENTIRELY! GAH! In the past, the kids at my school have always struggled with the teen numbers, but this year is particularly bad.  They know 0-10 and 20+, but those teen numbers are hurting us!  

One thing I did this year that has helped, was to set up an 'Around the Room' review game.  It's similar to 4 corners, but a little different.

I copied heart clipart on construction paper and wrote 11-20 on the hearts.  The hearts were then taped around the room.  When the 'code word' is said, kids know to get up and find a heart.  (The code word is 'I Love You', hence the hearts) The code word can be said at any point in time, generally during transitions though.  Since it was practiced practically a million times, they know the routine.  When it first started, they just identified the number.  Now that we have been working on place value, they identify how many sets of 10 and how many extra ones are included in the number. 

What do you do?  How do you help your kids remember numbers in the teens or other tricky material?

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