Friday, May 10

Five For Friday

Friday, sweet Friday, how I have longed for you this week.  Such. A. Long. Week.  

To wrap it up, I linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to complete a 

1.  'Tis the season... for assessing!  Fa la la la la, la la help me!
I am feeling super stressed out about all the testing that has to be done.  Between Reading 3D, report cards, the state's math assessment and writing assessments- I feel like that's all I do!

2.  Had a field trip yesterday.  LOVED it.  We went to Lazy 5 Ranch.  It's a great trip.  If you ever get the chance to go- you should.  And make sure you get a reservation on the wagon.  It's totally worth the extra price.

3.  My son goes to the same school I work at.  He is technically in Kindergarten, but is so advanced that he spends a portion of his day in First Grade for reading and math instruction.  His First Grade class has done an Alex's Lemonade Stand project.  If you haven't heard of it, go here to read an article about his class.  If you're feeling froggy, jump over to donation page and make a donation in their name.  Just one more...  here is the video they made!  Go 'like' it if you don't mind... I think there is a contest!

4.  In a weird twist of fate and a case of people being over-confident in my abilities, I have wound up as VP of the PTO.  The President is one of my fellow Kindergarten teachers.  We both have kids that go to our school.  The president/VP combination ahead of us had been in for 8 years and everyone was ready for a change.  We don't have a lot of parent support, staff make up the majority of the attendee's at PTO meetings.  We got our first introduction to leading the PTO by meeting with a guy about fundraising.  He seemed to think we could make money by selling flower bulbs.  Most of our kids come from one of 3 housing projects or other low income homes.  I'm just not seeing it happen.  We are super excited about the Smencils though!

5.  Is it summer yet?

Thanks for stopping by!  I would really love to hear about YOUR PTO experiences...

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