Survival Mode

Wow!  What a CRAZY week!  I feel like I'm working on earning the 'Worst Blogger' award.  My fabulously talented TA has been out for a week and I'm feeling it.  I would really appreciate it if everyone would keep her and her family in your prayers.  They are going through some medical things and could really use the support.

This week, we got a visit from the SmartBears program!  Click here to see a short video about what they do!  It is a group of seniors who craft things.  One thing they make is stuffed bears with books attached to them.  They visit Kindergartens around the area to pass the bears out.  While they are visiting they show the kids how they make the bears.  The kids LOVE it!

When thinking about words that describe me- organized is NEVER one of them!  So I was quite proud of myself when a burst of organizing energy and did this:
With the fabulously talented TA (AKA The Organized One) out, I was floundering.  There were papers everywhere!  Morning work, center papers, reading assessments!  ACK!  I'm hoping my week goes a bit smoother now that I have a little bit of organization in place.

Where do you fall?  Organized or not?

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