Peeps Experiment

Ok, I know it's a liiiiiittle late, but we FINALLY did the Peeps experiment that went around pinterest right before Easter.  I didn't have a chance to fit it in before Spring Break, so I grabbed the Peeps while they were on clearance and did it when we got back :)

This is what we started with.

We put peeps in oil, vinegar, mouthwash, water and Sprite.  

This is how it ended!

I have to say, I was really surprised the mouthwash didn't do a better job.  In the end, the one in water got moldy.  The one in mouthwash became gelatinous.  The one in oil didn't change.  The one in Sprite broke into big pieces and started dissolving.  Vinegar did the most damage.  It dissolved part of the peep and it's eyes were floating around. I found it odd that the eyes didn't dissolve, just floated in the vinegar.

The littles had a great time and did some great authentic writing in their observation books I made.

Did you do the peeps experiment this year? What solutions did you use?

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