Friday, April 12

Five for Friday

1. We were working with the 'op' family during intervention groups when the word 'pop' came up. I was trying to explain that there were multiple meanings for the word pop so I shared that in some areas they refer to all sodas as pop and I held up my Cherry Coke Zero as a model. One precious baby said, 'Is that a beer?'

 2. I am heading to the zoo with my son and two students I used to teach. I taught Cheyenne my FIRST year teaching and I have been blessed to remain a part of her life. She is in 10th grade now and is growing into an amazing young woman. I taught her brother a few years ago. Chey is having some "issues" and we need some 'counseling' sessions, so we're spending the day together.  I'm excited to spend the day with some great people.

3.  This week was so long!  I'm exhausted and considering making this Three for Friday!

4.  I know!  I'm taking part in 2 great give-aways!


 5. Woo! I did it! There's a great linky going on at
Second Grade Nest
Lots of great Earth Day products linking up!

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