Friday, April 5

Five For Friday- Spring Break Edition

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1.  SPRING BREAK finally came this week.  We packed up the car last Saturday and headed for my parents house.  I moved to NC 10 years ago to teach, so I head back to WV anytime we have an extended break from school.  It's also why my blog has been kinda quiet.  Not much 'school' stuff going on.

2.  My parents are working during the week so everyday I find something to entertain ourselves with.  On Monday, we saw The Croods.  It was super cute, and made me cry a little. 

3.  Wednesday was bowling day.  Michael loves to bowl.  He was trying so hard the roll the ball with force, that he managed to skip his lane and knock someone else's pins down!  Luckily, everyone was really nice about it and the bowling allwy reset the guys pins so his gutter ball didn't count against him.

We also played some old-school video games while we were there!

4.  Today was supposed to be, special snack out at Tim Hortons.  Playground.  Visit with my grandparents. Back to spend the evening with my parents.  Instead it went-  wrestle octopus in the bathtub as I try to wash his hair, finally get to lunch at Tim Hortons.  Run through the car wash just because.  Fill up gas tank.  Completely shatter phone screen when it hits the asphault.... Wait!  What? Ok, that was so NOT a part of the plan.  Thankfully, I have insurance and the replacement should be waiting for me when I get home.  Also, the lady helping me had some spare cover things that she put on my phone so it was usable until the replacement arrived.  Finally made it to the park and then I took a nap at Grandma's!

5.  I worked on a few big products this week when I wasn't hanging with my favorite boy.  One is a small group activity on multiple ways to represent a number.  The other is a set of Earth Day math activities.  I'm really excited about the story problem booklet that is available with the set.  When I get back home, I'll give all my blog followers a freebie of the book for you to try!  I've started working on a unit for teaching wants and needs.  I am going to try to link a little bit of financial responsibility into it.  I've done a really fun lesson with my kids where they have to make decisions about caring for a pet.  I give them a specific number of dollars (counting by 1s) to spend.  They have always loved it and learned to make some decisions about things they WANT for their pet versus things their pet NEEDS.

I hope everyone else has had a great week!  I have so enjoyed my break, but I'm starting to miss my babies.  Birthday party Saturday, drive home Sunday and jump in feet first on Monday!

Are you ready to wrap up the year?

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