Friday, March 15

Fab Friday!

It's FRIIIIIIIIDAY!  I feel like I"ve been waiting an eternity for Friday to arrive.It wouldn't be Friday without

So head on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to get in on the fun!

1.  We had Multicultural Night at school tonight.  Super fun... but a super long day!  We had over 20 countries represented today.  Since my son is in Kindergarten at my school this year, I didn't want to be stuck working a booth or craft so I volunteered to get the craft stuff ready at home.  This is what my evenings consisted of:
I glue Popsicle sticks together ALL week.  I also worked on Mardi Gras masks but I forgot to take a picture.
Here's my sweet boy playing the steel drums!
2.  We also had Career Day this week.  Kindergarten heard from a dog trainer, a project manager, a hair stylist, a social worker. a lab worker and a tattoo artist.  We had such a good time.  It was a toss up between the dog trainer and the tattoo artist as to who was best!

3.  I had my orientation meeting for Delta Gamma Kappa this week. Anyone else a member?

4.  One of our math centers was using pattern block shapes to make a shamrock.  One student asked my what a shamrock was and said it was like clover.  From then on, all my kids called it a clovrock :)
5.  This was such a long and exhausting week that after Multicultural Night was over, I went out with some of my colleagues for dinner and a beverage.  It was the perfect ending to a looooong week!

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